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Aab-e-Hayat (Elixir of Life in English) was probably the most awaited novel in Pakistan after its phenomenal and life-changing prequel Peer-e-Kamil ﷺ. We had been hearing news of its publication for almost 5 years and when Khawateen digest finally announced that the first episode was due to appear next month, fans were over the moon (and so were Khawateen digest’s sales 🙂 )

First, a little background on why is Aab-e-Hayat is so near and dear to us! Peer-e-Kamil ﷺ was and remains to this day the most influential saga for our generation, that inspired, intrigued and then transformed many lives. The story however, remained incomplete as Hashim family’s side of the story had been paused when Imama left her house to save her Imaan. They still need to see the Light and still need to be saved. Both Salar and Imama’s life had been transformed in Peer-e-Kami ﷺ and now Aab-e-Hayat came to flip the coin and narrate the tale of their journey beyond.

The first episode was more of a teaser of what comes ahead and looks very promising. Knowing Umera Ahmed and her skills, and getting glimpse in terms of ‘taash kay pattay’, one remains assured it will be a novel par excellence. Will it exceed Peer-e-Kamil ﷺ, only time will tell. Reviewing it is a huge task as I am extremely biased towards it ;), but will try to remain as critical as possible.

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